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Hi! I'm Tracy Holtzmann. I'm 49 years old and I'm a Master Trainer and owner of Sleek Body Method. I am certified in Sports Nutrition and I am a competitive bikini athlete.

I have been training women (and men) for 33 years. I know what works and what doesn't. So many times, generic trainers give the same routines to all their clients who 'hope' that it will give them the results they want. I do not believe that this is the best practice!

My online training will give you a very specfic path to follow to reach your goals.

I will develop the right nutrition plan for you and you will eat the foods you like without starving! My clients EAT. We do not starve. That gives temporary results!
Sorry, I will not work with clients who wish to starve.
I have to make that clear right away. I repeat. I will not work with clients who choose not to eat. You must eat to get lean and you must eat to get a competitors tight body.

Your health is important to me.
All my clients have a set check in schedule to keep them accountable. We celebrate successes and work with concerns to keep progress moving. My clients train when it fits their schedule. I design their workouts based on the equipment they have available and how often they can train. I'm a mom too. I'm busy and I know carving out an hour for yourself is hard but it can be done. Online training is flexible!

When I send workouts, I will give you video examples of how I want you to do the exercises. You will also have access to our members area and secret FaceBook group!

I am an IIFYM coach. You will not be handed a generic menu of turkey, chicken fish. You will eat the food you like. Flexible dieting is a lifestyle that works. You will eat what you want.
You will eat for your physique goals!

It is true, I only work with a select group of online clients who are a good fit for my program. I wish I could take everyone. I limit the number of clients to give the best service, and I will not pass you to another trainer if we work together. You do not have to train for stage. I work with all kinds of clients!!
My client D. is crushing her program. She is about 10 pounds lighter and really coming in lean and tight. This transformation took 4 months. She trains in her office's gym. Cardio is 2 times a week 15 minutes. She had to buy new clothes! Look at her abs and how her booty is lifted. From size 16-10
She is counting macros.
My client is about 4.5 months into her transformation. She works diligently and is amazing at flexible dieting. My program isnt' just about 'losing weight'. I bring my clients in lean and tight and change
their physique.
This is one of my online clients, Monica. She came to me to get in shape for her wedding. Look at her abs in less than 30 days. She trains at home with body weight and small weights. We can work with what you have. You have to work hard, like Monica! Wow! Gorgeous!
12 week program 16 week program
$375 Paid in Full $425 Paid in full
Just $31 a week! Just $26 a week
Do you prefer monthly payments? Do you prefer monthly payments?
$135 per month for 3 months $110 for 4 months

2014 St. Louis Naturals Masters Bikini
I am 49 years old,137 pounds here
Online training
12 week program
$375 Paid in Full
average $31 per week
Do you prefer monthly payments?
$135 per month for 3 months
average $33 per week
16 week program
$425 Paid in full
average $26 per week
Do you prefer monthly payments?

$110 for 4 months
average $27.50 per week

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