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Welcome to Sleek Body Method Bikini Girls!

Please, please read everything I send you. Don't rush to have everything going! Read, absorb. This page has your checkin info and partial shopping list. I will send a welcome packet via email as well.
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To get you going we need your forms.

here's where you send your weekly/bimonthly form

If you are unsure of IIFYM please watch this video


Step 4 Download a tracker for your phone or tablet Get the PRO version to track fiber!!
apple and android and pc
What about Myfitnesspal?
No, please don't.It has a glitch and reverts back to 'guided'. Which will mess your macros up if you don't catch it. Pay for a real IIFYM tracker. They are about $2.99. I use myNetDiary on my PC. You need to track fiber! The free ones may not track that.
What do I need you to know:
You will train 6 days a week. Your macros will be set and we will take a look at you to see if we need to tweak.
I will adjust your food if we need to after I see your photos.
Workouts are delivered to your phone via our trainer app. I willl send you an invite for Trainerize.
Competitors in prep, please send bikini pics! Thank you.
If you can wear the same thing each time that is very helpful!
How to measure:
Stand with your feet together!!

1.Waist: all the way around the natural waist.

2.Ab: All the way around exactly over the belly button.
3: Hips: All the way around the widest part of the hips.


Competitors check in on your designated day early AM! ! If you are in prep.. pics weekly!!

You will use your trainerize app to take your pics.
Here's now
Step one: Dashboard
touch the plus sign.
Step two:Touch

Take Photo
Get rid of the grid

Take Photos

OFF SEASON COMPETIORS: check in every two weeks on your designated day early am. You are responsible to wake up, shoot your pics and do your check in in the early am.
Do not send your pictures later in the day, the next day or the day before. This is your responsibility as a competitor on our team!

check ins are weekly. In bikini, and early AM on Tuesdays. Peak week check in is daily.

Your macros *may* change every 2 weeks. I will send you how to manipulate them. If you are seeing results.. no change. That's why we need to get the pics consistently. You may weigh if you like and measure.
Make sure you take pics on the form that look just like this with full body.
Be in your bikini and your shoes!
You do NOT have to do bent over poses.
Just front and back (side if you like too).
Front pose, side pose, back pose please.
Someone else shot these

  Do you need help with what to eat?
What do I need to buy?
Shoes!! Yes.. buy your shoes now. You can begin practicing! Here's my blog on how and where to get them
Ellie Brook shoe on amazon here
Kitchen Food Scale -digital. You may already have one!!
Amazon has some great ones that are cheaper than Target.You will measure everything in grams and ML.
I also got a smal 'gram' scale for $8 to keep in my purse. Yep.. it's all Breaking Bad over here.
I also got a smal 'gram' scale for $8 to keep in my purse. Yep.. it's all Breaking Bad over here.
Look at my crackie scale.

2. BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) These will help with muscle soreness.
GNC/SS2 or Amazon will have them. You will get the powder like this to drink 1 scoop during workouts. 1 scoop before bed in a tiny shot of water will help soreness.
3.. Whey protein will give you more protein in your diet. There are some yummy ones! When you shop, ask for the best tasting. I love
100%Whey from GNC. Do not buy from Walgreens or Trader joes. Go get a solid supplement. GNC has a great return policy if you have trouble.
4. Creatine: If I ask you do take creatine and Beta Alanine
You can get whatever brand you want. 5g Creatine daily plus 6g Beta Alanine a day. This is often in a stack. Krey Alkaline is one you can use if you are worried about bloat. I use the monohydrate. Your supplement store will help you find the best one.
5: Hip circle: Very important. Our secret weapon. Must have!!

You may purchase the HipCircle at
Large fits most of us. There is the original blue and the super hard core red.
M - Under 120 lbs
L - 121-260 lbs
XL - Over 260 lbs
Cable ankle cuff.
We use this a lot. Your gym may have one but I carry one in my bag. Mine is fuzzy on the inside. Amazon has so many to choose from. This one is $14.99. You will do 1000's of cable kick backs before you step on stage. Just search cable ankle cuff in Sports . You'll be golden.
Squat sponge is on Amazon. You don't have to but when you thrust you will wish you had one.

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