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About: Do you want to finally get your dream bikini body? Would you like to have a sexy, tight and toned body all while eating the foods you like? Would you like to get lean or maybe you just want to look and feel better!!

I have taken everything I know about competition training and made it accessible to my clients. You do not have to compete to get a dream body. You will learn the secrets of competitors. You will train, bikini competitor style. I will teach you how to eat well and maintain your results with top secret tips.
Our 90 day transformation will give you the results you want just in time for pool season!
Good candidates will train 4-6 days a week, every week.
Eat on your own personalize flexible dieting plan.
We offer open gym style training. You can train in our studio during our open gym hours! No stress!

Schedule is:

Monday: Booty Boot Camp/Abs
Tuesday: Bikini Body Blast/ Glutes/ABS
Wednesday: Booty Core Blasts
Thursday: Bikini Body Blast/ Glutes/ABS
Friday: Lean Leg day ABS
Saturday : Sleek 90/Strength/Core/HIIT

We train hard but it's fun!
What is included: Overview
1. Unlimited Boot Camp trainings.
2. Over 100 group trainings to choose from. We are open 6 days a week.
3.Personalized Flexible nutrition and meal plans. You eat what you like!
3.Access to over 500 bikini body recipes!
4.Secret members only at-home work outs.
5.Members only videos for travel and at home workouts.
6. Personalized attention in the studio where workouts are geared to you!
7. Your workouts are delivered to your smart phone.
8. Open gym times mean flexibility with your schedule!

What you can expect:
Bikini girls have sleek, toned bodies. We do not do excessive cardio. We train strategically. We lift heavy and get tight and tiny. We eat real food. We eat carbs. We work on tight tummies, with high, lifted booties, and gorgeous shoulders. We train hard but we still can enjoy our life and eat with our families.
What about the food?
We follow Flexible Dieting. No food is off limits. You will learn how to eat for your physique goals. You will eat well and feel amazing. Our gorgeous bride, Kathy did macro counting to get ready for her wedding and honeymoon! She ate the things she liked to eat! You can do it too!
Why my program works:
Have you tried to lose weight by doing excessive amounts of cardio? Consider this. I am a trainer working out with clients 4-5 hours a day. I was highly fit, but mushy! YUCK. Which is better?
Do you want to lift your booty? Is it saggy or flat? I will teach you how to have a couture booty.

Specialized training is what it takes!
How often do I train? What are the workouts like?
We are open 6 days a week. Most clients train 4-6. You will get your workouts delivered to your mobile device. If you can't make it or have to travel, you have the workouts and how-to videos at your fingertips!

Workouts: All levels can train at every class. Your trainer will help you progress as you get stronger.
Those who are ready can rock the elite level workouts. Every workout can be modified to suit your fitness level!

Our clients are busy moms, business women, results driven and work hard!
What is bikini training?
Bikini training means my clients build lean, sexy bodies and keep their curves.
We focus on glutes. Our workouts get your booty poppin so it's nice and round like a peach,
Cardio programs make you flat and saggy do not create pretty lines. I will teach you the techniques to getting amazing glutes!

Designer booty. Round and popping. I know how to do that for you!

Ashley started Bikini Factory a size 12 and is now a size 2!

Bikini Body Boot Camp is a full immersion program that includes the exact meal plans YOU need, the precise workouts and the secrets that only bikini girls know to getting the bikini body.
Meet Crystal

Crystal is a very busy mom of 3. She has a full time job, drives carpool and also has a toddler! She came to Sleek to get back into her bikini and she did it! In 90 days she lost over 21 inches! Lifted her booty and flattened her abs!
Check out Jen

Jenny came to Sleek to get in shape for her wedding. She got bikini ready for her honeymoon and then.. went on to compete and place in the NPC Midwest Bikini Championships.
Meet Abby

Abby is a busy mom with two small boys! She won our Bikini Challenge in 2012 and went on to rock the stage in the St. Louis Naturals, June 2013. So proud of her!
Meet A..

Body recomposiion done by eating and lifting. Look at how her glutes are popping. Hiit 2x per week.
No starving.
Meet J.

Our Sleeker, J. is a very busy student. She came to Sleek to tighten up. She surely did!
I'm Tracy! Your master trainer. I will get you lean, sexy and tight!

Bikini Boot Camp in Studio Program
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